I have vast experience forming successful teams to achieve business and financial goals.


I must say that I love the age of social media. It has allowed me to really connect with people I’ve met throughout this amazing journey we call LIFE. I’ve always loved getting to know people and finding out about who they are. I seem to have a knack for always knowing someone I can connect them with that can help them in some way or visa-versa. It can be something as small as a perfect shampoo for their hair to something larger such as a person to introduce them to for a new career. I, like many connectors out there, have a rolodex that runs through our heads on how we can all help each other.

I was invited to be a guest last year at a gala called Sydney’s Band of Gold. I’ll be honest, I paid no attention to why I was going to the gala. But, when my husband says” let’s go on a date,” I’m there. When we arrived and found our table, there was a brochure that shared the story of Sydney and The Cure Starts Now North Texas. I was extremely moved by Sydney’s story and her battle through DIPG. You see, my husband Johnny lost his mother about ten years prior to a brain tumor. Through that, we had been supporting the National Brain Tumor Society by raising money through a team fundraiser with a run event.

When Michelle, Sydney’s mom, addressed the crowd, everyone in the audience stopped and listened. She shared her passion for not letting other children go through what her daughter Sydney went through and that her daughter asked for her to make a difference and give hope to other children fighting cancer. After Michelle spoke, I jumped up and ran out of the ballroom introducing myself to Michelle. I told her that I didn’t know exactly how I could help her, but I knew I wanted to do something.

I now serve on the Board of The Cure Starts Now North Texas. I absolutely love the time and freedom my direct sales business has provided me so that I can go out and help an incredible non-profit organization. By me being a connector, I have not only been able to educate my circle but also bring the right people to The Cure Starts Now to grow awareness. We will find the home-run cure for childhood cancer.

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