About Me

Hello, welcome to my website! My name is Nicole. I am confident, genuine, humble, passionate, eager, driven and fearless. I am a dreamer, an encourager, a badass, and a champion that loves, inspires, respects, and motivates those around me. I wake up every day seizing the opportunity to learn and experience something or someone new. I use those opportunities to do my part to bring people together and to ultimately create a positive change in our world.


Who Am I?
Hey there, I’m Nicole. Welcome to my page. I’m ever evolving, always changing, learning and growing. Over the last several years I’ve discovered my purpose of guiding, reminding, helping women realize just how amazing WE truly are. I’ve always been a champion of women, now I’ve just taken it to the next level life coaching and leading workshops. I stay very active but not busy. I’m a meditator, a yogi, an aerialist, a SUP girl, a wife, a Mom, an awesome Aunt Nickie, a dog mom and so much more! I love live music, dancing and generally celebrating life. I have dropped a huge amount of limiting beliefs and created a beautiful life, My goal is to help you do exactly the same thing!
You’ve had the power all along, my dear.
~ Gliinda, The good Witch ~
What I do?
I have been an entrepreneur for nearly 2 decades always digging deeply into self development, I had the gift of moving by the water 10 years ago and that is when I started my awareness practice. It all started with nature really noticing the gift of this beautiful planet we live on. Over these last 10 years I have developed healthy patterns that have transformed me into who I am today, always expanding. I dug deep and healed old wounds that I had no idea where there until I noticed my life was in repeat. I have implemented many disciplines that have allowed me to drop limiting beliefs and become my highest self. I now help women remember who they are, who they truly are by reintroducing them to their inner “wild” child and the highest version of themselves. In my experience we have lots of pressure to conform, we are labeled by being a good Mom, good Wife, Good Employee, good friend and a good citizen. There are to many damn rules about who we are supposed to be. I know along this journey of life I’ve needed some help in remembering the Bad Ass that I am, taking back my power and healing old stories that I buried deep, things that I thought made me a bad person. I am here to help you get back to You!
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